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Beauty is a highly subjective and ever evolving concept. Yet regardless of how it is defined, beauty is always enhanced by a genuine confidence in our outward appearance. At Bellini we are concerned with the personal aesthetics of beauty – what looks and feels best for each individual. At Bellini we exclusively offer a completely integrated approach to beauty, from Cosmetic Surgery, Medical Esthetics, Salon and Spa…. all under one roof in Vienna, Virginia. Our passion and mission is to help you achieve a beautiful balance between your inner well-being and it’s outward reflection. Simply beautiful. Simply Bellini.

About Dr. Gerrish

Dr Gerrish

Dr. Scott Gerrish is one of the most experienced and respected doctors in the DC metro area. As Medical Director of Bellini, Dr. Gerrish leads a team of professionals in his full-service medical spa. He says, "I have been driven with the desire to offer patients a private, polished medical spa where they can experience the latest technology in a soothing spa environment. I have always been very hands on, where some medical spas have directors that are not on location, I am here every day seeing patients.”

Since 1996, Dr. Gerrish leads the way in offering the most comprehensive collection of anti-aging medically directed cosmetic procedures and is one of the most sought after physicians in the area. As one of the first medical spa doctors in Virginia, he has trained dozens of medical practitioners including doctors, physician assistants, nurses and estheticians in the art and science of medical esthetics.

Dr Gerrish has been recognized as being the conceptual founder of the Fraxel Clear & Brilliant Laser, the Fraxel Re:pair 600 micron CO2 hand piece, the CoolSculpting Treatment to Transformation principle, and the all new revolutionary UltraSculpting™ treatment.

Dr Gerrish has been featured in leading local and national periodicals such as The Washingtonian, Baltimore Style, The Examiner, STYLE Magazine, and many more. He is one of the most experienced providers of both non-invasive and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures.

Dr Gerrish completed his residency at The George Washington University Medical Center and has been delivering medical cosmetic treatments since 1996.

With over 2,000 procedures performed, Dr. Gerrish is the most experienced Thermage specialist in the state of Virginia.